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I stumbled across this today and had to share it.

I thought it was Brilliant & so much Fun!!!



Naked With Sharks: Is she crazy?!

In September I am heading to South Africa for my very close friend’s wedding. I am truly excited!

Our trip will begin in Johannesburg, then after the wedding we will head to Cape Town. I am reading the through the itinerary when I see..

‘Wednesday 8am: Shark Diving’

My reaction..


I have always been one for exciting experiences, and this really got my heart pumping. In England it’s not something you can do, neither is it in Dubai.

So for the past few weeks my excitment has been slowly turning to fear.

I told my Mum about it, she tried to ban me.

My mother in-law decided to show me a documentery on shark attacks.

My friend from Capetown said ‘ Good Luck’-with a slight hint of sarcasm. Actually i take that back, she was as sarcastic as can be!

So Today i was reading the news, and read an article on a lady called Lesley Rochat. Lesley Rochat She is known as the ‘Shark Warrior’- and she sure is one brave lady!

She is part of the campaign ‘Get Hooked on Conservation, Ban Drumlines’.

The aim is to prevent the culling of Sharks by use of drumlines in South Africa and Western Australia. She is the founder of te orginisation behind the campaign AfriOceans.

This lady really is an incredible inspiration, I dont know how she does it. She describes swimming with the dangerous creatures as her ‘Greatest Joy’.

Perhaps I shall stick to my intial excitment, and go ahead. If Lesley can do it in a bikini, surey I can manage it in a wet suit and a cage!

Have you been shark diving? Or would you go??