WordPress, you have won me over…

You scroll through your Facebook feeds……

Did you really need to know what someone had to breakfast? How snotty their nose is? Why they love their boyfriend so much?

Facebook is a great way of communicating, this I cant deny? But are we sharing too much? When I meet with my freinds for a coffee, I feel I know exactly what has happened in their week before they have even told me in person.

I personally, stopped being a facebook addict around 2 years ago. Of course I still post the odd picture here and tfacebook-addiction-funhere, and comment on something I actually find interesting. I still feel I have to have a quick glance at least once a day to stay connected.

I started Blogging 6 days ago – I was nervous, but..


Being a newbie, my blog is not yet very entertaining for all of you out there. I am still learning the ropes and trying to find footing, however so far I can hardly fault my WordPress experience.

You are all interesting in a unique way. Be it your writing style, your humouros jokes or your intelligent ideas. I could spend hours reading on here.

When I have commented on people’s posts, they reply with such kindness and gratitude. Never would I have dreamed of getting this from strangers.

I am very glad to have become apart of what i can only describe as a comminuty. Thank you everybody.


7 thoughts on “WordPress, you have won me over…”

  1. I love your blog, you have done so much with the design of your blog, I’ve just started as well, just like you I was afraid, but we all must conquer our fears, this was a great topic, I’m still learning aspects of WordPress and the world of blogging.


    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. I am just going with the flow and will see where it leads to. Still unsure of a few things myself. We can be on this journey together.


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