Duba The Bulldog

Dont wake me up!

What is that sound? Oh its the noise from  His toy. It’s still dark outside, He didnt get up.. Ok… back to sleep…

…I’m running, I’m running, ooo look birds, I’m running, I’m running, oooo look a cat…. I’m running, I’m r…..

AGAIN! Why does this happen, every day. This time it’s Her toy. But they still didn’t get up… man, I’m feeling hungry… anyway…sleeeeepp….

I’m eating, I’m eating….oooo chicken in gravy.. I’m eating, I’m eating… oooo beef and veg… I’m eating, I’…..


Thats enough, I’ll wake them up. I’ll sit on Her hair and wiggle. I’ll kick Him and keep poking….

Success. Works everytime… Now wheres my breakfast?

Why everytime I want food do they make me sit? Just feed me woman! Fine, I’ll sit. Are you happy now? No, of course not. You want me to give you my paw like I’m a circus animal. It’s not hard you know. I would just rather be fed. Fine, here’s my paw. Now the other one ! ….This is so much effort.

That was good food. I think there was some fish in it. I dont really remember. I just ate it as fast as possible.  Now I need the toilet.

grrrrgghhhh.. Can they not hear me? I’m by the exit, let me out. GRGGGHHH…. Yes! That always works aswell….

Now I think its time to sleep… they are leaving me… I dont know how long they go for, but they always come back and they sometime bring treats, and I get cuddles, and food and ….

I’m running, I’m running…oooooDuba The Bulldog


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